When you think about computers/Internet/searching, your first reaction would be to wonder why a blog site like ours would be needed for a subject that is such an integral part of people’s lives. On the other hand, life without computers or the Internet or researching online on various topics would be meaningless in today’s lifestyle scenario. This is one reason why we at feel that the subject of our blog site Computers and Internet and Searching is still very relevant.

What then is the mission of our blog site? In a nutshell it can be said that through blogs on our site we aim to bring the basics of our niche to our readers. Most people routinely use the Internet in their daily activities like online shopping or reading digital newspapers or watching Internet television without even being aware of what it is all about.

These are the people we will reach out to as they are actually missing out on a lot of very interesting facts. How did computers and the Internet evolve from their rudimentary stage to its present highly sophisticated form with cutting edge technologies? How do the trillions of networks connect to the one that encompasses the globe and which is actually the Internet? When you search online for any products or services or info, how do you ensure that you get the best possible results without compromising the security of your personal information?

All these and much more can be learnt from the blogs on our site. What makes our site more interesting is the interactive approach that we have adopted. We invite readers and visitors to our site to send write-ups on their areas of expertise on topics relevant to our niche. Any topic is welcome so long as it pertains to computers or the Internet.

A few examples will surely help aspiring contributors to our site. For example, the latest emerging technologies from the world of computers can be analysed in detail. Potential bloggers to our site can also write about the history of the Internet and from where it all started. The world of computers and the Internet is almost limitless in scope and writers can choose any topic they think is suitable.